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A black lesbian

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Hi everyone hope y’all good
I’m A black lesbian but I’ve found it really heard for girls to like me Idk whether it’s because of my skin or anything idk but I really find girls attractive and so beautiful I’m an open person I see beauty n I speak it out but it’s not the same maybe I’m just not attractive.

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    I hope you don't feel unattractive, I'm also black, and never had a problem finding people to be attracted to me. it's more about your personality, honesty and openness its more about how you talk to the women you are interested to keep them interested and engaged. Hope you dont doubt yourself or how you look! Maybe you're just talking to the wrong girls?

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    never say that again
    you are what you think
    everyone is beautiful in their own way
    والسمار نص الجمال يعني انتِ بتقولي ايه

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  • And who said black people are not attractive? love yourself the way you are, we are all beautiful and all the same

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    I am a guy, and so I don't know if what I'll say will mean much but your skin color is beautiful, just like any other skin color. IF some one decides you're not beautiful because of your skin color or treats you like that, then they're the one who needs fixing. I hope you don't still think you're not beautiful, because you are; we all are, in our different ways. Being open and straightforward, in itself, is attractive.

    Have a great day and night!

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