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HIV in the MENA region and societal implications to risk

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Salaam, hope this message finds you well! inshallah! I am a gay Muslim living in the US, converted two years ago. I have two purposes for this message. 1. I am thankful this site exists, I have been searching for a community and a place to reconcile my sexuality with my new faith. 2. Because of my commitment to the LGBTQ+ community and my current graduate studies, I am seeking to gain knowledge to better serve my brothers and sisters.
I am currently working on a research project that examines the history of HIV in the MENA region and the history of homosexuality there as well. I am looking to explore the societal factors that influence access to care, mental well-being, social acceptance, etc. in regards to sexuality and HIV prevention, treatment, and risk.
I am struggling with finding narrative experiences that will provide me with a deeper understanding of life for gay men (narrowing it down to gay men to explore roles of masculinity and gender norms in MENA) in the MENA region. Please feel free to converse with me about experiences or film, books, etc you believe will help me with my project.
I hope to use this information in my studies to further serve the community and be in instrument in implementing change and progress. inshallah!
I look forward to talking with you all and to joining this community.
Thank you for Ahwaa and thank you for existing and being beautiful!


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