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Who gave you the right?

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I was watching glee happily n smiling every time santana was on " a lesbian character in the show" ..and there came the comment that really got me soo furious and mad " WHAT A DISGUSTING THING .. WHY IS THIS ON ?? " ....and then i went am a discussing thing too am no different, well she's just acting gay am the real thing. why do anyone got the right to make me feel this bad about who i am, why cant i just be accepted, why ppl make being gay harder than it already is, why am considered as disgusting, a sinner or doing a taboo or whatever they call it?

Being gay is who i am defiantly not a choice or an option or a an experience like some say....but me still the same me am no different than any other person I JUST LOVE GIRLS. So why hiding it, lying, wasting time covering it, pretending for ppl who when i show the real me they will call me disgusting?

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    Yes it's definitely frustrating. I wouldn't give these things too much attention, people are bigoted in many ways and I stopped trying to convince myself that I can change them. Live the life you love and don't let others interfere too much. Pretend you don't listen to these comments. When my family say these types of comments I don't challenge them anymore because they're very stubborn and knowing them, they will just be doing it more often to piss me off. I don't let it bother me too much.

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    My friends were talking last night and a celebrity came up.. A friend said: "why is this celebrity gay, she's so nice.. The fact that she's gay is what I really don't like about her." I just replied with my usual defense (but seriously: this celebrity is such a nice person so she can't fucking be gay - I don't get that) but they just went on to what they always say, homosexuality is wrong and etc. though I didn't pay attention to it really. Not anymore, I stopped letting that get to me. You learn to tolerate these kind of people in your life, so don't let this bring you down or anything like that. It's not worth it.

    But one more thing, even though I eventually ignore them. I still try to make my point clear in response to their homophobic remarks. Because if you don't, I feel like we're just letting them be hurtful.

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    i saw the title and thought this was going to be about "who gave you the right .. to be gay" and i was ready with a big response lol dont worry about ppl who dont understand us their day will come when they finally realise this mistake theyve made.

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