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It seems virtually impossible to meet mature adults on or offline. Everyone says that they are introverted or asexual. How do any of these people EXPECT to make any friends? Asking for a friend.

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    I think as introverts we could make friends easily to be honest. I see a lot of people who use it as an excuse to shelter themselves and hide away and not meet new people but for me I love to meet them in small numbers and have intimidate conversations.

    I made almost all of my best friends online because it was the easiest way to connect without feeling like they were judging me in any way.

    Certainly as I get older it seems to get harder and harder to make new friends - thankfully I managed to keep some friends since childhood but I know that's rare and people tend to grow apart fast ... if I lose them I'll be very lonely for sure.

    • I concur. I believe it may be used as an excuse. Excellent point.

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      another introvert here and agreed 100%

      it's not easy meeting new people but that doesn't mean i shy away from it. it just means it's hard. introvert doesnt mean antisocial.

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  • Hello, ew seeing this topic besides i'm new here made me feel so disappointed!!!!

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    I'm new here. any Egyptian who lives in the US?

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