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As a bisexual arab foreigner in Egypt.

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So, I've been in Egypt for almost 4 years, and never dared to admit or confront anyone about my sexual preferences. I just found about this site and thought I'd throw an aimless rant just to scavenge my buried rage. I am bisexual and I love fun.. there's no shame in displaying no emotional attraction and instead just some erotic desires and instinctive sex drive. I love casual hook ups, I've always fantasized about being a loyal slave to lesbian or bisexual female and there's NO SHAME in that. For people out there who only want sexual outcomes from bisexual hook ups, there's no shame in that, some of us just have more active hormones than the rest of us. It's always fine to be gay.. What's the point in being ashamed of it if it'll only torture you from inside? Go out, be wild about it .. Wanna drink? go drink, wanna do drugs? Why not (so long you're the only one responsible for controlling it). Life is meant to be lived to the fullest, be gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans.. etc.


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