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Why you may struggle

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After spending some time reading these posts and inboxing a few ppl. I can see why there is some struggle. So I have some suggestions worth considering for successful meet ups. 1) Be clear with what you're looking for or seeking, 2) accept your issues and own it (I.e. introverted, low self-esteem, etc) and 3) Be truthful and open minded.

Healthy personalities may equate to healthy friendships. Trust me.

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    Hi! I agree that people could benefit from being honest with themselves and others. But it's not always easy! If people are scared and anxious, I don't think invalidating their feelings is helpful. It's understandable that it can be frustrating but it's not easy to find people who will understand you- and it's only understandable when they talk about things they can't express to their nearest and dearest. Plus, you can't ever tell what someone might be going through.

    We shouldn't speak bad about the people who post here but instead approach posts with more compassion and empathy. After all, we're here to find some solace in company that may understand where we're coming from.

    I hope you are able to approach Ahwaa with more kindness and grace.

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    Not necessarily true - there have been a lot of cases of state police or even militant groups using online forums to find and persecute gay men, like the case with Egyptian police and Grindr. They're being exposed and arrested. In Iraq some of them get tortured. A lot of the anxiety here doesn't come from just being gay, but it's more about being outed and the consequences of that.

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