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gender dysphoria and coming out

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so recently my dysphoria has gotten worse and i've started having sudden panic attacks randomly. my gender expression right now is more feminine (which i am not) because i have no way to bind and my mother won't let me cut my hair. im thinking that if i get a haircut, a safe way to bind and clothes i feel confident wearing it would be amazing.

the easiest way to easily achieve this is by coming out to my mother (who is thankfully very accepting, but doesn't understand most of these things so it would mean a lot of explaining). but if you've ever come out to someone you know that even though you know that they're going to be 100% okay with it it's very hard to actually build up the confidence to tell them.

so if i don't have the courage to come out to my mom in person i'll probably write her a letter or send her a video. .


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