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so confused

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hey guys i'm new member here ...glad to join ! i've never been in relationship in my whole life ... sometimes i feel like i get attracted by girls more then boys but i can't imagine myself with a girl cuz it's forbidden in our society but when i watch some hetero porn i feel so disgusted ..i prefer lesbian sex ...i had a dream sex with my bff i really feel guilty about this but i cant control my feelings.

  • Why feel guilty? Lesbian sex is beautiful. Just because something is forbidden doesn't make it any less natural. Nothing more natural than love, passion and honest feelings. If I were in your position I wouldn't worry too much what society forbids because it also forbids human rights, reason, logic, different faiths, opposing political parties, dissent, and so much more. They can't win everything. The more that we together overcome the guilt as a community the more they realize we have become too powerful in our beauty and normality.

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    i understand how you feel. i was once like that too, where i would suppress all these feelings. i would often have sexual or romantic daydreams of female friends or even girls who i just met that i found attractive. as a content creator i would shrug them off as a concept for some type of story, because i used to read a lot of lesbian erotica. i also tried to "cure" myself by trying to stray away from reading such things and forced myself to like boys, but the thought of sex with men feels repulsive. nowadays i dont feel so weird around every girl anymore after coming into terms with my sexuality. not out yet, but it felt good to not feel guilty about liking girls.
    i think you should come into terms with yours too. you dont have to tell society about it. there are people who support it too, you know who to reach out to.

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