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sexually confused

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ok so as any teenager i'm extremely curious. i don't know if it's only me but i prefer to watch lesbian porn and it's what gets me going ... when i day dream about my first kiss, i always imagine it being with a girl and not a guy, but then the idea of a guy kissing me as well gives me butterflies. i don't know if i'm going through some stupid hormonal stage, or if this is some serious shit. i wouldn't mind if i'm into girls, but living in a society like ours and being lesbian or bisexual means you're an outcast and you're gonna receive hate. i don't know if i wanna risk the way people see me just to test if i'm into girls.

  • 12-16_m_a_h4_f1

    whatever you identify as know that the people of this community will accept you. just know that you are not wrong wether you are straight, gay or bi. after all love is not a choice.

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  • 35-50_f_f_h2_f1

    There is a difference between a fantasy and a desire. I think your confused cause you dont yet if its just a fantasy to kiss a girl, or a desire.
    From what you wrote, you described kissing a guy with butterflies, which means you might want that more.
    The only way to find out is with experience and time, you will have to give urself a chance to know who u r and what u want.
    As for what others think and the sociaty, you can not please everyone, live ur life they way it, and simply enjoy it.

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