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Friends with benefits

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Friends with benefots is a topic that i am scared of. And i want to take this step with a friend if mine, but scared it would affect our friendship.
I dont want thing to develop, and scared one of us falls for the other, and the other doesnt.
Tell me your thoughts....
Note: i like her too, both as a friend and i am attracted to her! .

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    I have done this before, I have to say that almost always it was a complete mistake. It is very rare to have a friend with benefits that doesn't get complicated. There will always be unrequited love, jealousy, boundary issues. Sometimes you don't even fall for the person but when THEY fall for someone else you suddenly feel possessive and lonely. When he was single I didn't want him romantically, just as a friend with benefits, but as soon as he started seriously dating exclusively I became extremely jealous but at the same time I was not in love with him and I didn't want a relationship with him. We are no longer friends because it became too complicated and the new boyfriend found out about our sexual past and banned us from seeing each other anyways.

    I never do this anymore because for me it never worked out even if in the beginning we thought we both had a very clear understanding and boundaries but you can't control feelings.

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    That's exactly what worries me. Thanx for the input Omar, appreciated.

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    No matter how open minded both of you are, there will still be awkwardness between you especially if you decide to stop the affair one day. And there's a possibility that one of you may fall for the other so your friendship may not feel the same as before.

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    you have to think as much as you can because this may make the friendship stronger than before

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