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Lesbian vs Bisexual

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Why lesbians need to think twice before befriending or dating a bisexual?
Can a bisexual woman be called straight once she gets in a relationship with the opposite sex?
Are bisexuals with boyfriends a part of the LGBTQ+ community?

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    I don't think the belief that lesbians think twice before befriending/dating bisexual girls is common. It certainly happens, but I don't think it's common as you make it out to be. As for the ones who do that, maybe they think that a bi girl will eventually leave them for a man? Or maybe they're insecure?
    No, a straight person is someone who is specifically attracted to the opposite sex. If you're dating someone from the opposite sex, but still attracted to the same sex, then you're bi (or pan).
    Yes, they definitely are.

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