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lgbt youth folk in the uae?

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hey y'all, im new here. im a 17 year old filipino girl living in abu dhabi, uae. im a little troubled, hear me out if you will.

after a huge drama between my friends which caused me to break up with my partner AND to lose my friends, recently ive gotten even more introverted than i already am nowadays, with only 2 friends i can trust, only one of which i can reach out to as the other lives in a different country. i can live with it but... it gets pretty lonely sometimes.

so uh, i would appreciate if anyone is willing to chat with me. we could make one big gay group chat or just privately talk to me, doesnt matter lol. it would be really nice to meet up too. im available on whatsapp, facebook, twitter, tumblr, discord, skype etc. if you wanted to chat in some app i dont have, you name it, ill gladly install it. just message me about it and we can exchange contact info!


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