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Coming out in Egypt

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Hi I'm new at this site but I found many Egyptian lesbians here .I have questions for you .Have you come out to your family/ friends ? If yes , please tell me how and were their reactions positive or not?

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    I never came out to family and never will but yes to a few selected friends, only if you trust them completely, these are friends I grew up with so it was fine for me to trust them as they also trusted me with a lot of their own secrets too.

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    I knew a guy who came out to his friend whom he completely trusts btw and been friends with each other since forever, and the guy was homophobic I guess and he changed with him, to the point that he became abusively bullying, just for the fact that he's gay although he is the same guy he's been friends with since forever.
    It's heartbreaking.
    I guess when you decide to come out you should choose the people who's open minded (if I might say), who'll hold to your secret, respect it, and okay with the concept of difference. It's not enough to only trust them.

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    really .. ! ? .. to what extent do u want people to participate in your identity and self image ? ..
    Just find the others like you , and go on with them . That's to my mind is the way to go.

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    my gf came out to me before the relationship. I respect her needs for a woman too

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    I never came out to my family but I‘m planning to come out to my brother and grandma this summer. I did come out to one male friend though and even though he definitely did accept me and we didn‘t stop talking, I had the feeling he sexualized the entire thing. As if my sexuality was his fantasy. It was really gross. I didn‘t come out to anybody else after that.

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