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Queer Jokes

  • By Anonymous
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Hi! I am new, lost & miserable as most people here (sorry for the happy ones)
I chose not to share my agony, dark thoughts or sorrow with you
LGBTQ+ people are the bottom of all jokes everywhere;
You can choose to live the pain & feel it through your bones while everyone els giggle arround you or fake a smile & hate your self for that
I chose to make my own queer jokes & laugh about them alone
the others could not get me anyway
none LGBTQ+ people are the others & yes they are some times as kreepy as that movie & even worst.
Can anyone share a queer joke with me so that I don't feel crazy?!
Here is one:
LGBTQ+ products: LG? What I cannot understand; how on earth could Subaru be a lesbian car and still LG is a straight electronic device!

I didn't say my jokes are nice ones
thank you for reading this far
your smile is beautiful
keep it on.


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