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Friends and Friendship

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I have seen a lot of people on here wanting to make (new) friends. So, I just got the curiosity willing to know, the definition of the word "friend" from your perspective; in other words, when a certain person does level up from a stranger to a friend. Plus, your perspective regarding the "ideal" friendship, from your point of view.

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    For me a "new" friend could be someone who is willing to listen, willing to share, and to be supportive and respectful. Ideal friends are people who support me, protect me, have fun with me, and always be willing to talk and be there when I need them. It's hard to be an ideal friend to many people so I think each person probably has "friends" in one category, people they chat to but not necessarily relate to, or have with, and then only one or two "ideal" friends who are truly there for every memorable occasion in your life. These are the ones that are so tough to find and SO tough to keep. Based on my personal experience, at least

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      I agree, Joon! If they were easy to be found it wouldn't have been worth it. That's why those who have ones should never take that for granted.

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