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Are we really outsiders or it is just an inner feeling

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I am almost 23 years old and I am gay...well 95% gay. I felt like an outsider throughout my life to whichever group I interact with, family or friends. I even felt like an outsider around gay people. I kept feeling so until recently where my friends (straight) suggested that we would wax each other's backs and I was SHOOCK! I mean...if I have mentioned that to them I thought I would be kicked out of their lives forever. So now, my question is that...are we really excluded or "outsiders" or do we make ourselves feel that way. I guess it depends on the group you are around.

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    It depends on the country's culture, since most of us here are Arabs, being gay is considered as taboo or worst (this isn't new to you I know) but in my opinion we make ourselves secluded just to protect ourselves from rejection. You feel like an outsider because your think like your family or friends don't absolutely know you as you're hiding the true "you" from them fearing their resction.

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    Yes for me it completely depends on the group you are around. There are places where I am a total outsider, and that's when I know my limits not to share anything about my sexuality. And then there's spaces where I can be myself around other lesbians or gay-friendly people. That's why I think it's important for us to also pick our friends wisely.

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