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Hello people
Im 31 years old
dilemma all started when i once met a lesbian girl I slept with her and it was amazing beautiful beyond magic
she left a very time ago but the feeling never left
i get attracted to a very specific type of girls a conversation would be fine for me
but the attachment is what its all about
I dont recognize my self as lesbian and I dont think I would bec I love men and specifically I am so in love with my boyfriend

But the feeling never go every time i meet a girl that i can touch her soul through a look in her eye.

  • 17-24_f_w_h3_f3

    If you still love men and get attracted to women at the same time that means you are bisexual. I think you didn't take time to make sure of your sexual orientation, since you loved having an intercourse with a girl you jumped on the conclusion that you are lesbian. But have you ever got allured by a man in the past years? Or did you simply ignore this possibility?

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  • 35-50_f_w_h3_f4

    You don't have to stick a label on it, if you are so in love and attracted to your boyfriend that's great, but if you start developing feelings for other women as johnlock said you might be bisexual, and you just need to be open to the possibility. We were all so confused in the very beginning and at 31 you're still young and with lots of time to find out what is the best fit for you, emotionally and sexually

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  • 17-24_f_f_h1_f2

    u might be bisexual

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  • I think once you are in love with someone you wouldn't be attracted to another (man/woman) doesn't matter so I guess you have to think about your current relationship & start from there in order to find what is wrong or may be right for you.

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