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hello everyone
well as you all know everyone say that being gay is prohibited in islam and some other religions
its hard for me to bein a islamic society and being gay or bi or i dont know what
i am really confused
because neither my family nor my friends will accept who i am
i dont know what to do
and i have never been in a relationship my whole life neither with boys nor with girls like relashinshiply virgin
im so confused please help

  • 25-34_f_b_h2_f3

    i feel you camille! i think many of us do. its not easy. i also have a super religious family and if i come out, i will be ruined. their life will also be ruined by how disappointed they are at me, and how they will be seen by others in this society.

    the way i personally deal with it now is that if our family and friends don't accept us for who we are, we should at least be comfortable knowing that WE do. we accept us, and sometimes thats all that matters to live a fulfilled life.

    the confusion should be not in who you are but in how to deal with intolerant people around us. sadly that just means we need to lead a double life if we are to satisfy both worlds: our honest life and still being in the life of our families.

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  • 17-24_f_w_h2_f2

    i too am afraid. that is why i wont come out to my parents probably till my wedding day where i just surprise them about it. or just run away, i dunno, too early for me to say.

    but i think that, even if they do not accept the fact that you are gay, if they still support you as their child/sibling/relative/friend regardless, then that should be enough. in the end, we cannot make everyone understand.

    however, if your family chooses faith over you and kick you out, or your friends decided they won't hang out with you anymore, just because you are gay, you do not deserve them. i know this is harsh, but blood can not be thicker than water. if they really loved you, they wouldnt just discard you like that.

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  • Hi camille, every queer person gets confused at one time of their life. The most important thing is to be honest with yourself, to find your truth for yourself. What can you do/be in life and what you cannot. ''sexuality is fluid'' is a cheesy common sentence to use but it is true, give yourself the right to love and be loved by people you are attracted to, even then you cannot decide your sexuality simply because we cannot control who to love. It is a matter of time so my only advice for you is to be patient and not to get harsh on yourself, give yourself the time it needs to find peace & then care about the world.

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