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Hey everyone!

I am of Egyptian descent, but I was raised in America for a good majority of my life. I do not speak or write Arabic very well, but I hope it does not get in the way of communicating with you guys. I am 19 and I am a gay male who does not understand the LGBTQIA world in the Middle East other than what the Western world has shown me. I'd love to see what you think gays are like here in America, and perhaps I could clear up some misconceptions. I will post my story at some point, but I want to get to know the online community.

I look forward to speaking with you guys. .

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    hello ammer and welcome to ahwaa, thanks for joining and gracing us with your friendly presence

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    Hi Ammer I'm actually kinda new here and this is my first comment. I'm Egyptian too (born and raised), 18, and I'm bi. I'd love to know more about LGBT communities in America and people's opinions about them. I can't really say I know much about LGBT communities in the middle east though (I haven't really come out to anyone from around here yet) but I do notice that people are becoming more accepting and tolerant as time goes by. I'm actually curious as to how you see the community in the middle east from your own prespective and/or knowledge.
    Btw I apologize for not actually saying my name. It's only for privacy reasons, I hope you understand

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