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Jazzi's letter

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I met a person last year , we were so close , she was so kind and has a beautiful soul , I liked this relation because that when iam with her i just feel comfortable , feel that iam with my other part , acting natural when she is around , i didnt knew whether we were best friends or couples, she was mad of this situation and started to be cold with me and push me away , and at the end she told me we cant talk any more.
She the one who gave me this site earlier , i am writing this because i wanted to tell her i miss you and i love you , i wanted you to know that everytime i look to your stuff i remember you , you were the best part of my life , every moment with you was real to me , i want you to be happy that the most important thing to me i swear , iam sorry for everything, i dont mean to bother you with this message and i wont ever annoy you , i just wanted you to know that i miss you and i care about you so much.
Sorry for my bad english.


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