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Self-hatred and Self-harming

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I know I have spoken about self-harm before and I’m completely aware that I chose the wrong path by dealing with all of this, sadly I have returned to it again, I don’t have the intention to end my life, it just helps to mask all of the emotional and mental pain, so each time I conflict pain to myself it numbs everything else, I have hit rock bottom lately. so I was wondering do others here deal with self-harm in any of its forms, and did you find a way to stop it? as therapists and antidepressants didn’t work for me. Even though now I don’t think I have the well to stop it because I really can’t handle my thoughts, frustration and demons. as it’s getting VERY overwhelming.

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    I'm very sorry to hear about this. I have a friend who relied on self harm a lot to deal with and mask feelings but then she suddenly got super into working out and getting fit, it wasn't just a hobby but it became a much less toxic way to deal with negative emotions, pessimism, and similar feelings. Have you tried doing that? Even spending just 30mins on a stationary bike listening to your favorite album makes a huge difference, its how I got over a lot of breakups as well, whenever I felt down and lost the will or strength to wake up each day.

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    I'm sure it gets overwhelming. So many times I have just shut out the world and wanted to be on my own, to die in peace, to disappear entirely. The only thing that got me through it was that I shouldn't be too selfish and to think of the pain I'd put my family through if I self-harmed and took it too far. We all deal with pain differently, I'm sure there is nothing I can say or do here that will make you feel the need to find an alternative way of expressing your feelings, even to your own self, but I sure hope you talk about it more, sometimes just by confiding in other people you find a bit of closure and comfort.

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