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Is it possible to live a celibate lonesome life??

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This thought have been troubling me lately, Let’s say I have accepted who I’m which I find trouble accepting that fact, is it possible to live a celibate life and never act on my feeling I know this way I have condemned myself to a lonely miserable life, I’m now 30 years old and I have come this far by not doing anything or being in a relationship with anyone do you think it’s possible to continue that way, i don’t want to bring religion up I think from what I understood is that acting on those feeling is wrong but having them isn’t, I wonder if anyone has that thought, even if it’s possible the urge is killing my each day but I know if I did something the guilt and shame will kill me more, I’m really being torn apart here, also there is no one I know that I would be in a relationship with, let alone be in do something sexual with, the opportunity is zero. But honestly the urge keeps on growing day by day, so my question is, is it possible to live a abstinent lonesome life?!

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    My friend I am impressed by your honesty and I agree with you
    Because we are Muslim the LGBTcommunity is something offbeat and out of the ordinary. So it is the scourge,so we must be patient and curbing our instincts but we do not have the right to love? To love to live as we wish?its mean that we accept to live unhappy ?i really can't answer you Honestly,but I think that the person must choose how he wants to live, he must be responsible for what he will do.keep searching for your love you will find it ,don't give up and good luck if you want we can be friends and we can talk .

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