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Shes dragging me on

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ahhhh so theres this girl that i've been talking to for almost 4 months and i am head over heals for this girl. we met on tumblr and the first conversations with her were pure bliss i felt like i finally had someone that i could relate to because none of my friends are queer and all i've had exposure to is privileged gays on the internet but to have someone who's going through the same thing as you someone you can be yourself with share music and poetry with it felt like i had a real connection with her. so fast forward to a couple of months later the bliss fades into a loveless haze we seldom talk and when we do it feels cold and formal not like when we were first talking we had out exchanges of i love yous but i feel like she doesn't love me. am i being dramatic? what do i do? do i break it off? do i confront her? how do i confront her? uff i'm so long winded sorry.


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