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Self Acceptance

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Self Acceptance

It's a journey, it doesn't happen overnight
It's a long process
It's not always going to be bright so they're gonna be ups and downs
It's about living an authentic life
It's about caring about what you think of yourself and not what others think of you
It's about finding freedom
It's about finding yourself
It's about embracing your true colors
It's about not denying your nature.

  • 12-16_m_w_h4_f1

    Accepting who you are comes with a price, i love your message i really do, but this message wont easily be applied to everyone and everywhere it's more easier to say this t if we are in the USA or another European country but your message wont easily work in the middle east or third world countries, how can i live an authentic life and embrace myself while i will be hated every step i take, and even if i wont have to care about others think of me it sadly could turn to mental and physical abuse and this can take it's toll on anyone, let alone being overly sensitive like myself..
    I really hope what you said could be done, but if it's done another part of my life will completely fall apart and it could open the door for more hatred and abuse.. also living in hiding and guilt is not the answer, it's like being torn apart by 2 options and both of them will cause pain and misery..

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  • 25-34_m_f_h3_f3

    Totally agree but the idea is about coming out to yourself and acknowleging that you are different and just being okay with it , because I suffered alot for years from overanalysing people and trying to be a copy of them and I kept on repressing my feelings and denying them
    I'm not saying you shoud go out and tell anyone you're gay I myself I never did and not planning to but when I came out to myself mylife changed I'm no more depressed I feel more open and I want to live to the fullest

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  • 35-50_f_w_h3_f2
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  • 12-16_f_w_h1_f3

    good luck to everyone i know its hard but i believe in you

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