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this maybe the strangest post ever posted here

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First of all i'm a straight guy From Egypt , wait wait hold your judgments
for some reason i feel that this is the right place for me not that i have any gay intentions but that i am communicating with open minded community that are different and awake to humanity difference.
Living in Egypt is so hard dealing with stupid ignorant closed minded people who are not even capable of accepting others opinions or debating in topics related to Sex Religion or trying to expand consciousness nearly all my friends are bunch of idiots (men and women) consider this kind of talk taboo and something we shouldn't discuss in the me saying i'm agnostic
Majority of the youth in Egypt and i'm sad when i'm saying that just want a way to gain some money buy a beautiful house/apartment marry soul mate (which i believe does not exist ) and sit on their asses for the rest of their life. There is absolutely no means of creativity no means of change and breaking this damn cycle

i'm not judging but that's my conclusion from what i deal with everyday and it's making me lose hope into find any means of change in this hopeless country

i would love to make any new friends who are open minded to life in all topics spirituality/drugs/ organized religion / sacred geometry /the 10th dimensions / the story of enslavement we're living in it



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