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Algerian lesbian

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I've always knew I liked girls ,even in kindergarten ..but I've always thought that it'll go away with time but it didn't ,it never did ...I tried to convince myself that if I date boys I'll start liking them but I only end up hurting them in the process ,its just so complicated and now I know for sure that im a lesbian and I don't know what else to do.

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    I think you should embrace being a lesbian now that you know for sure. That's what the rest of us have been doing. Or else we will be miserable and lost.

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    just be who you really are and don't think about the rest even though being gay in algeria is not easy but you need to keep your hopes up we all need that

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    hellow whatssp me plzz

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    Je sais exactement de quoi tu parles j'ai longtemps niée refoulé mes sentiments est essayé de sortir avec des gars c'est difficile à accepter on se dit pourquoi moi pourquoi je ss pas comme les autres mais c comme ça on a pas reponse a tout on est qui on est et ctt il faut accepter et essayer de vivre le plus normalement possible

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    Dear florence

    As I read your status I got tears in my eyes
    It's like you said exactly what I feel i'm a 25 year old man and what you wrote here describes me I've always liked boys and tried to be someone else , and the hardest part is hurting girls in the process of trying to 'healing' myself
    It's just so hard to deny my nature
    And the future seems so unknown
    I wish someday I will get brave to live an authentic life

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    I know what you mean, I've dated over 12 boys and 2 girls in my whole life so far, and I can assure you that I fell in love with those two girls and completely hated the boys, now you just have to be brave and accept yourself, being lesbian in Algeria is really hard but we can do it !!

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