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try to change

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don't tell me that some people born gay or lesbian or other
we choose what to be
in some cases the environment and all its components Impose on us
but that doesn't mean that we are can't change
it's to be gay, lesbian, other
i think that mean you have feeling and desire but some people have more feeling some have desire the ordinary one who have equal sides
it's to be gay or lesbian or other that doesn't mean you are bad
but told yourself if you find someone have what you looking for try to change for her or him ask yourself did i want to be what i now
i just told you that i almost every day looking in porno sites but you should know that it Satisfy only desire not feeling
try to find some one to make him or her your life and this thing porno sites doesn't give ( try to change ).

  • 25-34_m_w_h1_f4

    sorry but i disagree. i never chose to be gay. if i had a choice i would never choose this difficult path. the heart wants what the heart wants. it doesnt ask us for permission. im not gay because anyone influenced me. its just who i am. no one and nothing molded me to be this person. that part just comes with how we deal with it and accept it. we can choose who to tell, how to deal with it, who to enter relationships with, but not who we fundamentally are as people.

    • 17-24_m_w_h3_f4

      If found a woman understand and feel you
      then you would be gay
      deep in your heart you You are not satisfied with yourself
      this is my advice to you If there is a chance to change then take it.

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    • 25-34_f_w_h2_f3

      Why would you want to do that? I understand that there's comfort in knowing that you're just like everybody else but that isn't necessarily true, is it? You'll still feel like you're lying to yourself and in my opinion that's much worse. it's not a button that you can switch on and off, it's who you are.

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    • 17-24_m_w_h3_f4

      Who we are. What you mean with it you mean that if I find myself bad one I didn't try to change when I said that try to change I meant that give yourself a chance to do it I agree with you that ther is no button and we are human but give yourself the ability to become good one and Do not convince yourself that you can't change that for better .

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  • 12-16_m_w_h4_f1

    Saying that i didn't choose this or i can't change doesn't mean that i haven't tried, i spent most of my life trying not be this way, but i failed terribly, i'm sorry but i don't think i ever made my self that way, why would i choose to live a life were i hate my self every single and the thought of suicide has to always pop up in my mind every single day.. i really doubt any one would choose this lonely and miserable path..

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