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    i am still struggleing with my sexuaity and i can't talk about it with my friends ! but i told one freind and he said maybe it's bc i didn't" find the write guy" but when i tell him i have a cush on a girl he seems fine and ok with it and some ties he do the stalking for me ! with that on the positive side when i talked to my brother about it he said that there is no such thing as sexuality and we we'r all born hetrosexualls and it's just a phase and with all the hate on sociual media for the "shams association for lgbtq in tunisia" and like i heard family and friends and most of the tunsians opinions it made me feel like i can't be here no one will accept me for who i am and that makes it hard for me to accept myself + i wear the hijab and i'm proud of it and people just don't accept it so it's really hard to like talk t someone about it .... idk

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