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    Not a phase. Maybe sometimes I meet teens who are curious but when you know, you know

    And we have to deal with it sooner or later. This isn't something we can simply hide forever, from ourselves. At least not if we want to be happy!

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    In the beginning u tell your self its a phase but after you will know that it wasn't its you, so u jst have to accept amd deal with it

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  • I believe the "it's just a phase" saying is made up by people who don't understand being queer and are scared of it. Some straight people do experiment with people of the same sex, but they eventually know they're straight. If you think you're a lesbian however, and you can tell from how you feel about girls and boys, then you probably are. You might also be bisexual. If you're not sure, remember there's no rush in finding out what you are! Just be comfortable with who you are and don't let labels define you.

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