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tell me how did u know u were queer??

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i have no idea how to identify myself. im confused. ive never dated anyone in my life. and im not interested in dating anyone yet. but i wanna be friends with lgbt. my guess is that maybe im bi.

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    When I started crushing on my football teammate. It caused me SOOOOOO much shame until finally i came to terms with it. I havent reached the level of confidence i need to be mostly because I get scared what could happen if others find out so in a way I was lying to myself and saying I just wasnt interested in marriage or love or all that but I craaaaave it i want it. And with a man. Sooo thats how I knew

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    i am confused too well my first crush was a girl !! i did date some guys and i knew i am not intrested
    and i never had the courage to ask a girl out !! bc of my appearance i am muslim and i wear the hijab and it's hard or others to accept it and that makes it hard for me to accept myself

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