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Stockholm syndrome with religion and god

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I am an atheist and i also proudly part from the global LGBTQ+ community but only in our beloved middle east did i see this god loving lgbtq+ people.

He hate us, he is the main reason of our struggle and of course he dosent exist.

He was created by people to justify their hate, racism, sexism and of course our beloved homophobia

Also i have a hypothetical question if god is 100% true ( which i am sure is not) and he still hate us and prejudice against he is own creation natural will, would you accept him or revolt against his twisted fate ?

Think about your mother she give birth to you kind of gave you life but if she didnt accept your nature would you just obey cause she is you "creator" or defy her ?

Is it all about the fear of hell ?? So the fear from hell in another life will make you live in a one in this life ?

Love, peace & you are all beautiful ☮ .

  • I think it may not be the religion itself but the way people blindly follow every interpretation of it. How it's being taught in school is absolutely shameful. The whole obsession with fear and becoming slaves to something we can't control. We have a responsibility to change this mentality to show the religion is open to many different interpretations that we should accept and tolerate, and not on religious scholars paid by the state to have chaos and backwards policies meant to simply control us and turn us into mindless sheep with no opinions or brains of our own.

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    The emphasis on fear of hell, I hate that more than anything! To attract people to religion it should be about forgiveness, love, mercy, not hell and fear, punishments and torture.

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  • You don't seem to understand why we invented religion, we didn't invent religion to justify hate, racism etc. We invented religion so we can control people, uneducated people. You might think that religion supports hate against homosexuals, while this is to some degree correct 1500 years ago when Islam was invented being gay was not that common and was thought to be unnatural. I promise you if Islam was invented in the 21st century not the 6th it would support homosexuals. Napoleon Bonaparte said Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich. You are an angry and you're not thinking rationally, you should be grateful religion was invented because if it wasn't we would've lived in chaos. So instead of looking at the cons of religion you ought to look at the pros as well and always keep in mind that religion was invented ages ago that's why it doesn't support homosexuality.

    • Please accept my humble apology, but i do indeed in a sense understand why we invented religion, however my anger is not towards the reasons but the results that made us hostages to this religious mental society.

      Of course i understand your eagerness in discussion as it apears you just finished your first socialist book and want to show off your new acquired knowledge, yet reality is a bit different especially in our beloved middle east.

      Some of the bad news i hold for you is for example: we didn't invent religion to control the poor and prevent them from killing the rich even though i know it serve this purpose now, but actually human imagination in the birth of consciousness was eager to answers for all the most simple questions; why are we here ? Why does the sky rain ? Why does the sun rise from the east ? And such questions were all answered by the god answer. Moreover we needed to invent something to manage or relation with our new found answer so we made up religion.

      I can keep explaining to you the history of religion but it will take so much time and i have little of it, so I conclude that those religions have a protective mechanism, which is common in all fascist, ultra right wing and conservative ideologies and that is hate and prejudice against minorties, different and others generally.

      Sorry for the long post and if you need to elaborate, please take the effort to google briefly the history of civilization and religion in other perspective than those of the left wing, and please understand that i don't criticize the left wing point of view, its just so narrow and dont show the whole picture. Love ❤️

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    well lets see , thats an interesting question ! i'm pantheiste , and if it ever happen that there is such a god ( i mean by that a god that punishes and rewards what he created and pre-wrote their whole script here on earth ) euuh i'll be having one small question for him , dear god , why would you hide urself for those need you the most ? ( need u the most here means Children of Vietnam who where mutilated during the 40s war , the 1.5 millin jewish kid who were mercilessly killed durring the haulocost , the thousand of thousand of african kids who died and still are dying from hanger evry day !! well the list list won't have an end as you already know '' or deny'' ) but who am i to juge a god anyway ?

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  • Hahahahaha never liked judgmental beings anyway

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    Judgment is only one aspect, though ... remember mercy and love

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