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I am in love with an Alian

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Why do people need to label themselves? I mean love is love right? so why do u complicated by putting stickers everywhere!! You don't need a sticker on your forehead saying that you're gay, "STRAIGHT People" don't walk around with stickers on their foreheads saying that they're straight, or saying that they prefer butts or boobs, THEY DON'T NEED TO COME OUT AS STRAIGHTS, why do you guys label yourselves? JUST LOVE WHAT YOU LOVE! it doesn't matter if it is a male a female a potato NOBODY CARES.. Or am I wrong?

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    totally agreed! so much obsessions about labels and who is what and not on the fact that anyone can fall in love with ANYONE doesnt matter their orientation or religion or ethnicity or whatever. just love. no barriers, no boundaries.

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  • I mean, I definitely wouldn't label myself if it was already normalized into society. But I do it to make space for myself, I do it because I don't see others doing it for themselves too. Everyone already assumes you're straight, that's why they don't need to say it because it's already the "norm" if being queer or gay was the norm then I wouldn't feel as much of a need to do so, but I need people to know and understand I exist and people like me exist and we take up the same spaces you (as a straight person) do. We share the same spaces, take the same busses, work the same jobs, we're just as normal as you. That's why I do it, that's why I think it's important so that we can get to a point where eventually everyone understands it doesn't matter and we're all different and don't assume a "Norm".

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    Labels are just a way to make it easier to know each other, not defining nor limiting.

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