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Hi all,

I have been an observer of your website for quite some time. Im 23, lesbian from America and my experiences seem to be very similar to you all and also very different at the same time. Being gay, whether it is in the West or the middle east comes with similar challenges.

I dont really know why I am writing this other than to get your perspectives on life where you are all at. What are some unique challenges of being gay in your countries and ways that you are all dealing with it. Also, the bright spots! The good things that have come out of your experiences.

For myself, gay in rural America wasnt always easy. Since moving to a more lgbt friendly area I've found a lot of love and support, relationships and heartbreak, just living life the way I want to live it.

What are your experiences ? .

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    My biggest issue has always been family. I found it was always easy to seek refuge in the arms of supportive friends and other networks of gay or gay-friendly people, but home is where the heart and mind is regardless of where I am. I feel if I don't have acceptance there, I won't really live a happy and fulfilled life. I'm always worried about shame in particular. Being an embarrassment to my family, to the family last name, which is a huge source of honor in Arab countries. Always fearful of having to put my family through nasty gossip circles and watch them be bullied by the community because of me.

    And it's not just immediate family, it's also extended (uncles, aunts, cousins, childhood friends, employers). The idea of confronting them about this just never gets easier and I have been avoiding the topic all my life because of that.

    It's nice to know more and more people can relate to this and that our stories are not unique anymore, I just wish we had more happy endings to celebrate. This HAS to get easier for us.

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    I'm so sorry this is so hard for everyone, it's just the world we live in. Let's all just appreciate the blessings we have, our friends and the internet lol. I mean just imagine if there was no internet, you would be isolated from the entire world, you would think you are the only one, you'll probably end up miserable in a heterosexual marriage, their might even be "therapy" involved. Our situation is not that good, but it gets better I promise
    btw welcome here fate65, I'm glad you decided to participate.

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