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How do you guys make homosexual friends?

Seriously, it seems like the hardest thing ever to just talk to a girl. Like, I dont trust people online, I only chat with them with a fake account, and we ususally never reach the point of meeting. I just want to meet people like me. I feel like homosexuals dont exist, when there are many of them in the closet.

  • I hear you! I hope that you meet more real people. You are not alone!

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  • 17-24_f_b_h1_f2

    some of them are more public with their identity and they end up coming out, at which point i yell "me too!" and that's usually how i make my homosexual or bisexual friends. i am the same online, very protective, but i also met most of them offline after establishing trust. just dont overshare too much as i hear often about stories of people blackmailing each other. usually homophobes pretending to be gay. but theres all kinds of lgbt organizations now, either grassroots or public, and through these i think there's a level of safety and vetting that goes into establishing these communities so it'll be easier to make friends with existing members.

    i have been there. felt very lonely for years but over time just keep your eyes and ears open and try to be a part of the same communities and organizations to eventually befriend and be around the people who will understand you, support you, and are like you.

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    they are only humans , after all
    uu just hav to forget abt their sexuality

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  • 17-24_f_f_h1_f3

    drop some hints on social media ... that's how i met mine

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  • 12-16_f_w_h1_f1

    Takes time ,trust, communication with people , don't let your guard down, yet learn to trust your instincts along with your rational thinking till u make it thru with who ever u talking to ,outgrow the online phase and into real life

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