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Coming Out

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Hi, I'm from Egypt. As we all know that most of Arabs are homophobics, but coming out to my friends wasn't so hard.
I told them that i'm a Bisexual and they didn't give me a bad reactions, but they were proud of me for my bravery.
And my best friend hugged me for this.
I just wish all the people be like that. Wish all homophobics get out of our world.

What about your coming out story?

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    Hello! Unfortunately I don't have an amazing coming out story to tell lol. Anyways, welcome here and I'm glad everything worked out fine for you.

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    Ohh hi glad that you came out to your friends as for me i came out last year to my brother and to my mother as well also i went to like 4 therapies to solve the issue i actually myself feel happy in the way im born with my parents wanted to help me out by sending my to doctors and guess what i met heba kotb the evil bitch shes so homophobic but yeaa anyways my parents are now happy for me they accepted me for who im and thats my came out story but actually i i didnt tell anyone else about it only my family and thats what i care about

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