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Slowly coming out

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I've been trying my best to come out and so far I'm out to my mom's side of the family and my half-brother. I'm trying to explain to my little sister why homosexuality is normal and my little brother picked it up already. How should I come out to my dad, sister, and his side of the family? They're really homophobic .

  • That's awesome you've been taking strides to do this! Do you need to come out to the homopobic side? I would just be careful - make sure you're prepared for any backlash and have the support and resources you need (like if I woudn't do this if you're living under your baba's roof and he could flip out and kick you out). Let us know what you decide and if you need more support.

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    coming out is not an obligation, especially with homophobic relatives. if you feel that you are dependent on your dad for your education/money/a place to live then wait until you are less dependent on him so if he reacts badly it won't affect your life/safety as much.

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