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  • YES many times. Each time my heart gets broken, I basically have a complete breakdown - but afterwards rebuild myself as a better more resilient person and learn a lot about myself and about how I am in relationships. I feel like the only thing that helps me get over it is time. It takes as long as it takes - sometimes twice or three times the length of the relationship itself! But I learned that it's best to really allow myself to fully feel all the grief and sadness and not to bury it - otherwise it's just like you're putting your bad feelings on a credit card and they don't go away they just accrue interest and come back to haunt you. My two cents... Hope you're doing ok!

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    I'm sorry to hear that . I was heart broken once and it's was devastating for me. I actually felt in love with someone I met on facebook, and they way he used to talk to me made me think he is interesseted in me . I was waiting for him to make the first step but instead and after two months of knowing each other he told me ha already had a boyfriends. It took me a long to get over it (that if I'm fully over it , i dont really know ).

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