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A lesbian from Algeria

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Hmm hey there, So I'm an Algerian girl -- A lesbian -- and of course a closeted one. I've never been brave enough to come out nor had I the courage to reveal this secret to anyone before. I tried to deny it to myself so many times, I tried to convince myself that maybe I'm just going through a stupid phase; but hell no ... it's not just a phase, it's not a confusion and it's not some kind of disease. After leaving under a mess and pain, I finally admitted to myself who I am and what I truly feel. I'm happy enough that I was able to figure this out although I'm sure that I will never be brave to say it to the world , and I'm sure you understand how being a homosexual in an Arab country is condsidered as a crime. .

  • Yay! Welcome to ahwaa. Happy to hear you've come to accept your lesbian-ness - power to you!

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  • Hey LunaMi We've all been there and it's always good to vent with people who understand the struggle, rather than keeping it all inside, and to be honest to yourself. That's a very good step and we're here for you

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      Yeah, I'm trying to work this thing out slowly - Step by step - and I'm satisfied about what I achieved so far , self-acceptence is surely a great thing. Also, I'm really glad that I found this community

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    • Hey there Luna , I happen to be going through the same thing and I also happen to be Algerian too ,and I guess I still haven't came to the point where I accept myself ,can I please talk to you somewhere I really need advice .

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