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Looking for a rent room in Cairo - My Family Doesn't Want Me Anymore

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2 years ago I was outed and everyone knew I am gay, and according to society I am the worst kind of gays, girly.
Since then my lie turned into a living nightmare, and escalated recently when my parents tried to force me into marriage, claiming that it will heal me from my "homosexual" and "feminine" problems.
I said no.
I was offered marriage or be cut out of thr family and leave the house.
I chose me.
I chose to be me.
So now I need help, I can't go look for rentals, my lifestyle is too gay to be tolerated by other people. (I don't date where I live of course, its just that I am really girly).
So I thought to turn to my kind and ask for help.
Any ideas? I am few days away from sleeping in my car.


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