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"Homosexuality in Egypt" Survey

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Hello everyone,

i got this idea of making a survey about homosexuality vs. homophobia in egypt, i wanted to highlight the risks facing us if we come out to the society...

i wanted to know straight people's real point of view, how many thinks we are ill and who thinks we should be imprisoned ... etc

on the other hand, i wanted to provide a gate to all homosexuals to share their own coming out/ persecution stories...

i struggled a lot to collect the most appropriate questions for both parties (homosexuals and homophobics), and in keeping myself anonymous (for safety reasons of course), plus: I've been working on this survey for 10 days only, since 15 of august ... so don't expect a flawless survey

anyway, here's the link to the facebook page i made to hide my identity ...
just click on sign up and you'll be directed to the survey.

PS: i know nothing about transgenders' issues, that's why i couldn't include any questions about them, pardon my lack of knowledge ...

- i need to get as much respondents as i can of both parties, will you help me by sharing this with your homo/straight friends please ?

Thanks in Advance.

  • Shared it
    But I only have 1 comment, you shouldn't have used the term شذوذ جنسى at the first question, next time stick with مثلية better
    Also on the question about homosexuality being a sickness or not, the answers are "yes it is" or "no, but its by choice" , did you choose to be a lesbian :P ? I mean as far as I know, its mostly something we're born with just like how straight folks are born straight, it isn't a sickness but it isn't a choice either, so I consider both answers wrong.

    • as for the sickness part: the survey is mostly targeted at homophobics that's why i didn't think this one through.. i'm going to be change it ..
      and yes i should've stuck with the مثلية term but i was afraid some people won't know the meaning of it asasan .. thanks for your caring, comments and sharing

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    • You're most welcome
      Well, you can write مثلية then between 2 brackets put the other word
      Btw, if you have Twitter it can be easier to share your survey link there in trending hashtags.

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    • you're right i'll put it between bracketes a7sn..
      that's brilliant! thank you for the tip

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  • 17-24_f_f_h1_f1

    done it and agree with delusions abt the terms used to describe homosexuality

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