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i like her soo much, actually I'm in love with her

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I'm bi. I met a girl 6 months ago, lets name her girl A, and I was with another girl lets name her girl B. Girl b tried to make relations with me; she is nice but i cant feel any feeling with her...Usually its not easy to like any girl but when i saw girl A i don't know what this fucking feeling is she is soo sweet we don't talk a lot but i like her soo much. After this day i don't talk to girl b anymore and i don't have any common friends with girl A, But I found a Facebook account that was trying to send me a message but cant deliver - i thinks its in msgs request. I don't know what to do this girl stays on my mind all time. I think it's love at first sight. It's a weird situation to me. its my first time plz girls helpppppppppppppppp.


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