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Need help in Beirut

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I am in the USA. My boyfriend is in desperate need of emergency help. He is 15 and his dad is threatening to kill him. there anywhere that he can go for help?

Because he is only 15 hotels wont take him, even my dad paid them to take him in. His father will kill him for being gay and we need help ASAP

Please how do we find someone to help in Beirut?

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    did you try contacting local lgbt organizations in beirut about this? unfortunately since hes a minor its a difficult situation as his parents are still his legal guardians until hes old enough to be on his own but maybe another person could temporarily take him in until this is resolved. is his father really that violent? or is he just making empty threats to scare him into staying? how did he find out about his son's sexuality, is your bf open about it?

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      Thank you for your response. We dont know what, where or how to contact the local lgbt organizations in Beirut.

      Yes, his dad is really that violent. He has repeatedly beat my bf, and is currently keeping him in the house basically as a prisoner, not allowing him to leave and making him sleep in the living room with the dad so he can monitor his every activity.

      His dad found out about us by listening to our conversations and reading our emails and texts. His dad had an idea that my bf might be gay because of the constant attention he gets from older men, even though my bf has rebuffed any attempts by these pedophiles to "date" them.

      My father is very supportive but we are limited in what we can do from the US. We need to find him a safe place until we can get him to the US.

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    • You can contact ASAP Helem which is an advocacy group for LGBT people based in Beirut they will know how to help

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