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Muslim... Sex... Gay...and other stuff

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hello everyone i'm new here .. and i'm a muslim girl from morocco and i identify as a trans anyway .. i was in love with this girl and we had sex and sence then i feel guilty idk why is it because i'm muslim or because i'm trans or because we brokeup it 's just so hard for me to deal with all those stuff i have been dpressed for a long time now sometimes i think of killing myself because i wanna come out to my family but i can't i'm tired of living double life i feel terrible and so depressed .

  • I'm sorry you feel depressed. Don't feel guilty about having sex with someone - sex is beautiful we are meant to enjoy it I know depression is hard especially when you have to hide your self from your family. If you're looking for advice, just take it one day at a time and try not to think about the big picture. Hopefully you'll be able to gradually attain some independence - maybe try to focus on that, and then you can live more of the life you want. I know it's painful not being able to share all aspects of yourself with your family though. Take good care & sending hugs.

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  • Please consider seeing a therapist. I know it's not cheap but it will help very much. You need to focus on 2 things:

    1) gaining financial independence. Finish school and start working immediately. If you want to come out to your parents you cannot risk being homeless.

    2) building a support network. You cannot do this alone. Find LGBTQ friends you can be yourself around. Somewhere where you don't feel alone amd where you are not judged. A support system that will replenish you when you're tired of everything.

    Much love

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  • the dilemma of every muslim, just accept who you are and know for sure that god loves all of us!
    i know you've been raised on ( lewat and sehaq ) is kaba'er and haram .. god hates gays and lesbians .. extra-marital sex is Bloody haram.. BUT as long as you don't harm anyone else, i don't see a reason to feel guilty

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  • Sex is to share love with someone here is the enjoyment

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