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How to know you're trans and not bi ?

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I know the differences between bisexuality and transsexuality and the question might be confusing, but can we feel we're both bi and trans at the same time ? I'm attracted to both genders, romantically and sexually although I also feel I'm not comfortable being a woman. Since I was a child, I always had that boyish comportements, people constantly compared me to my father. Having both feminine and masculine behaviours builled my parsonality. But I regularly feel "insecure" being a woman. I want to be a MAN. I want to have abs and all the limbs that depict them of you know what I mean. I don't know if it's normal, do many others feel the same or am i the only one?

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    bisexuality is concerned with ( do you prefer girls to boys or vice versa ) sexuality type of questions, simply, if your answer is ( i'm attracted to both girls and guys) you're a bisexual.

    trans-sexuality is concerned with ( who i am ?) or gender identity question, for example if you're a girl and you have a strong disgust toward your sexual organs because you wanted to be of the opposite sex, more importantly, if YOU really feel like you're a guy who was born a girl by wrong !

    like, for real.. not just for a simple reason as: i'd like to be a guy so i can party all nighter bla bla and those kind of temporary thought.

    so yeah you can be a bisexual trans-woman/man .. you like both girls and guys but you feel you're nt a girl but a guy .. ( and vice versa )

    but please note that, mind can be deceiving, you have to see a psychologist so he can tell you for sure if you're a trans or not.

    also, google ( gender identity disorder ) and be true to yourself when you compare how you feel to the symptoms ( don't worry! you're not SICK, those who categorized trans-sexuality as a disorder are the sick ones -.- )

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      thanks for your reply, unfortunately I live in Algeria and seeing a psychologist to talk about my sexuality with is a bit embarrassing because you know this topic is a taboo here and not all psychologist is open minded. but i will definitely google for some answers.

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  • You can be both as bi connected to your sexuality and trans your gender identity, and I feel the same way I've never felt like a girl, always hated girly stuff so being a bisexual trans boy is totally valid !!!

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  • I used to be boyish in my childhood. And i really thought for some time that i was a guy. Untill 8 or 9,i guess, my mom took many efforts to convince me that i am a girl. I am still not into fashion, being 23 that's so awkward. I hate high heels, purses, nail polish, skirts, golden jewelry. I don't even know it that is related to wanting to be a guy years ago. But deep inside i know conform to none of the genders. So i am comfortable being called and treated as female. One can be trans or any of the gender identities on the gender spectrum. And at the same time can he anything on the sexuality spectrum. I am asexual to gray asexual. So it doesn't have any connection to whom you love and what u like.

    • I don't know what was i talking about here ?!!! The point is that being trans, gender non-binary or anything doesn't have anything to do with your sexuality.

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