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Feeling guilty to be a LGBT

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As I'm an Algerian and muslim, I always feel guilt towards my bisexuality, like it isn't right to be like that. But I can't help it, it's not a choice we make like maybe it could've been different If we'd decided to be straight. nothing made us LGBT, we're made the way we are since our infancy. am I right?

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    Yes yes you are, I get what you're feeling I'm bisexual too, and while I was very harmonic with my sexuality, lately I've been feeling guilty a lot, but should we? Is it rational? Its the way we were made, and god doesn't create foul. We aren't shameful, and we deserve to love whomever we love and to be loved back. Love is beautiful, it makes people wholesome, and it helps people heal and find purpose, how can it be shameful? We are so goddamn beautiful.


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    The guilt never really goes away. I stepped into athiesm for a while because each day I felt that I was stepping further and further away from religion and from my relationship with God. Even more so, when you have supportive friends who wish well for everything you do, and you want to turn to God they'll assume you'll want to be straight and ask "Do you actually think you can be straight?" Haters will always say "You think your God loves you?"

    But i learned over, and over, and over again: there is nothing for you to be guilty of. I don't like when people tell me that my homosexuality is a challenge. It's a part of who I am. The only challenging thing about it is that it's not acceptable in society. And you want to be accepted. But you are loved and accepted by people like us -- the same people who feel the same guilt that you do. You are loved.

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  • Same here. I'm bisexual too and I can relate to your struggle.

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    Same here , and this feeling is killing me everyday , but what can I do ?! I came to this life like that and I didn't choose it myself.

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    [Sigh]...nice post and comments ❤

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