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Does God really love me?

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So I've grown up very religious as I'm sure most of you have as well. I know I've been taught being queer was wrong, spent the majority of mil life trying to "pray the gay away" and cleanse myself of whatever evil spirit I thought was taking me over at the time. The weird thing is, while all of this was happening, me, the REAL me on the inside, you all know what I mean, didn't feel wrong. I didn't feel like I was doing anything that felt disgusting or wrong or foolish or evil. I just felt.. normal, natural. I used to be really scared that I was going to hell, because I knew I couldn't change, but the reason I haven't lost hope is because somewhere deep inside me I think God does love me. I think that maybe what we're taught is outdated or wrong or something I'm not sure. I just don't feel the way I was taught to, and I was definitely taught to hate myself for something I think God loves about me. Anyone have any experiences like this? Thoughts? Discussions? I'm curious.

  • YES! That part of you deep down inside that knows God loves you - I think that is God's voice telling you that. I think we all have that inside of us buried deep and we just need to access it. Because we are all God's creations so how could God not love us? We are all inherently beautiful and loveable and divine. I'm glad you can access that knowledge inside of you. I agree there is a lot of harmful theology out there that tries to tell us otherwise but if you're a spiritual person I think it's so clear that kind of theology just doesn't make sense with a concept of a creative, loving God who creates a diverse world and teaches us to care for each other. My God wouldn't tell someone they were wrong for being who they were or loving who they want. There are some Muslim scholars who are reinterpreting theology and contextualizing it historically to show that one can see space for queer people in Islam (not sure which religious background you're coming from, but there are also Christian and Jewish scholars doing the same in their religions.) One book that's helpful for me is called Homosexuality in Islam by Scott Kugle.

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  • Please know that the most important thing is that you love yourself. Love your body love your soul. If you believe God loves you, he does. He created you just the way you are in the best form. There's nothing wrong with you no matter what people, religion, school, family, or anyone says.

    God didn't create you the way you are only to tell you to hate yourself.
    EVERY queer person experiences this. It's called internalized homophobia. We get it just by living in this world.
    I love you

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  • God loves everyone, hun. He created us and he knows us more than we know ourselves, he knows that we have no control over the way we feel and he is way too just and fair to judge us for the things we can't control. Keep having faith and don't lose it no matter what. Being gay was never an excuse to stop believing in him. Stay good and do good and he'll always love you . And always remember that being who you are, was never a sin.

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  • God loves us all. That's a thing you should keep in mind, no matter what

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  • I cant believe after all of the misery and hate we experience in the name of god people still get wet over the idea of the old invisible all loving but homophobic father figure and wish he would accept them. I have bad news for you all if that thing exist and i really doubt it he hates us and we should too.

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      Thank you! I dont believe god exists to hate or love us too, i mean if he did, why would he make us gay, and then make it a sin? (I come from a muslim backgroud, and it is a sin in islam)

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