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Should I confess?

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So I have this friend who I've had a crush on for a long time. We've been friends for at least 10 years and she just recently came out to me as a lesbian but she also said she prefers femmes. My question is, should I tell her about my crush? she keeps saying she wants us to run away and live together but maybe she means it in a friendly way? I'm so confused.

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    Not yet, maybe hint it before you say anything that might break your heart or risk your friendship with her. Just ask her, how do you really feel about me? Do you ever see us being together? Instead of expressing it right away without knowing what to expect. This way at least you have enough information to guide you on how and when you should let her know.

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  • Good advice! Normally I would be like hell no, because most of these stories are about a straight best friend, but she came out as a! Like Joon, I would be concerned about making the friendship painful or awkward if she doesn't reciprocate, but also - you'll never find out if you try! I think trying to broach the subject in a round about way like Joon suggested can't hurt, and when you feel confident enough - ask directly! And also tell her, hey I don't want this to affect our friendship but I feel I need to get it out in the open. Good luck!

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