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Queer/Cultural Activism

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Hello, I'm an Egyptian nb queer person and I'm always struggling to find people to talk to or discuss with about things happening? I want to know how we can have all of these conscious queer middle eastern people, but still have no real set community, and if there is where is it? If not, why not? I'm new to this site and trying to figure everything out. Please let me know if you can say anything and we can connect. .

  • I'm not sure what it is but it could be the fear. If we don't have safe spaces to talk about political and religious issues I can only imagine why it's taken us so long to develop a strong queer community that takes all our cultural and social differences into account. It's also that some small communities that have an established queer presence don't want to draw any attention to themselves, so they are harder to find unless we find the right people to guide us there, once we develop trust.

    That said, welcome to Ahwaa!

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  • Thank you for the welcome,

    Well I'm curious, how can people that don't live in the MENA region help the people that do, especially within the ME, I mean after all we're all still one community no matter the distance. I would love to know that my country of origin was a safe and comfortable place for me to be in the future and I want to help build that possibility. If there are ways that we could help from outside the ME given our access, I want to. I just don't know how? Any ideas? I think we should talk more.

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  • egypt is too homophobic ! have you ever heard about queen boat accident ? or the recently crackdown on gays ? who would take the risk to be killed/ prisoned/ beated, just to make a community while you can participate online safely ?

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  • Welcome and I'm glad that you found this website. I hope it's the beginning of a new age towards more acceptance and love.


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