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On Muslim LGBTs

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I wanted to talk about the fact that the Orlando shooter is from a Muslim background whose family were very homophobic, and him being gay himself. His dad is asking, "why would he does this if he were gay?"

It seems to me that his dad is more concerned about his kid dying as a jihadist rather than a gay man. It's clear this guy grew up in a hate-filled household that eventually drew him to such extremes, with his dad calling him gay in front of his ex wife and mocking his identity.

I don't know if it's fear or self-loathing or a bit of both but let's take a moment and recognize what many Muslims go through that pushes them to such mental breakdowns.

We all deal with this and I think it's underestimated the burden we have to carry around being Muslims raised and still living in homophobic societies, surrounded by people who think we are deviants.

I know many self-loathing friends who are gay and yet refuse to be regarded as such even if they admit it themselves. They lie, they attack, they act violently towards gay people, all to hide their true selves. This is why what happened in Orlando hits close to him for those of us even who live afar, because we all know one or two people who could've done that.

A wake up call.

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    so true. too much shame associated with homosexuality that people would rather commit suicide or murder than be found out to be gay. im not sure what our role is in changing this mentality. its hard to imagine a world that doesnt brew hatred against same sex relationships from an early age. and that sticks through adulthood even if the person is gay themselves, they might have sex with other people of the same gender but still hate themselves for it and maybe hate the others more for "turning them" gay... :/

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  • The most common types of violent outbursts from closet homosexuals are always carried out against other homosexuals. I don't even like referring to his Islamic background -- it played a small part of a huge cascade of problems he had with homosexuality and perhaps his struggle with it. Even sometimes I'm guilty of wanting to be straight to make things easier -- but I know by being straight it would actually make things harder. I'm not sure how they do it.

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