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My life before and after her.

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I was always alone, I had no friends since my best friend failed in the baccalaureate and i went to the university. I becme so reserved and enstranged. No one knew me or took the trouble of talking to me. I failed one year, and after that i studied with other classmates. Her name was Souad. She talked to me more and more and became close. I became so happy that i had someone to talk to and study with. I fell in love with her, but she loves guys and she assumes I love guys as well. It has been three years now and my life has changed because of her . I became a successful student and my depression attacks wore off. I becames a cheerful person and ambitious . This is all thanks to her. The only thing that makes me sad is that my love for her is unrequited... But i accept what she is and i am hlad i am friends with her .

  • seems like she's a good person, you're lucky to have someone who brings the good in you.

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  • That's really sweet, one day you should tell her of the impact she had on you. She seems like a great friend and someone you deserve to have in your life I hope if she does find out about your sexuality she will fully support it, even if she is not gay herself. Good luck and I also hope you find a true love one day who fulfills your every dream

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    I understand what's you're going through, I'm struggling with the same situation except that the girl I like is gay too but I never dared to tell her what I'm feeling for her we are friends good friends actually but this thing is annoying me I don't know what to do

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